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Ron McKinnon and Associates is headed up by Ron C. McKinnon a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) who has more than 37 years of international safety experience. He consults to mines and industries internationally and has worked in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Zambia and many other countries.
We offer a full safety and risk management service including Safety Culture Change interventions via means of safety system implementation and the Guiding, Educating, Training and Motivating of all levels of employees and management.

Having implemented culture changes in numerous organizations in many countries I can guarantee the difficulty of the process and how it challenges both leaders and employees in organizations that want to make a difference in safety.

The benefits talk for themselves and the upstream safety activities implemented to bring about safety culture change do just that - they help integrate safety into the day-to-day management of the business. Once safety becomes a value within the organization, fancy flavor-of-the-month safety programs are not needed as their uselessness is clearly identified.
Try it - you have nothing to lose but lots to gain - Ron McKinnon.

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